House Information


Bovard Auditorium has a total capacity of 1235. Bovard also has the following accommodations for wheelchair access:

  • Orchestra Level – 12 wheelchair spaces along with companion seats.
  • First Balcony – 2 wheelchair spaces along with companion seats.

These wheelchair companion seats are not included in the seat count below and will be released 10 minutes prior to show time.

Detailed Measurements

  • Proscenium Width: 36′
  • Width upstage of proscenium: 50′
  • Apron Width: 50′
  • Total Depth: 43′
  • Proscenium to downstage of thrust: 22′
  • Proscenium to back wall: 21′
  • Proscenium Height: 25′
  • Height of ceiling above stage: 35′
  • Horizontal distance from proscenium to balconies: 58′
  • Throw from 2nd balcony spot position to proscenium: 98′
  • Throw from 2nd balcony spot position to lip of stage: 79′
  • Lighting Grid Trim: 28′
  • Upstage Side Rail Trim: ‘
  • Downstage Side Rail Trim: 10′
  • Max out For ALL Fly Line sets: 40′
  • Height above stage level of 1st Balcony: 14′
  • Height above stage of 2nd Balcony: 26′



A 400 amp three phase circuit is located on the backstage wall backstage right. The three phase panel has cam locks and no tails.
Arrangements must be made with the Bovard Production Office at least five (5) business days prior to the event.


Bovard has a brand-new automated rigging system, with winches and controls provided by Stage Technologies. More specs about the system are coming soon.

In the meantime, please check out the diagrams above or contact us for more information.

Seating Chart/Diagrams

Audience Guidelines

In order to ensure that your event runs in a satisfactory manner, please take the time to familiarize yourself with our house policies governing the treatment and behavior of your audience.

Do not underestimate the size of your audience. Understand that in the event of a larger than expected audience, the Bovard House Staff will not open extra floors. There will be no exceptions to this safety rule.

  • For ticketed/assigned seating: We require 48 hours notice of the number of tickets sold for your performance. The house doors must open one half hour before your performance
  • Late Patrons: Upon request, late patrons, and patrons who exited the facility during the performance, will be detained in the lobby if your performance has started. An usher will seat the patrons during applause, at the end of an act or song, etc.
  • The house staff requires one client contact who will inform the Stage Manager when the house can be opened, and who can communicate with the House Manager any special circumstances or requirements (such as will call tickets, early entrance, etc.) that need to be met by the house crew.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the auditorium. The house crew will inform patrons of this, but will not be responsible for patrons who litter or damage the facility. Your cleaning deposit may be withheld for damage to the building, including damage to the restrooms. Food for the performers should enter through backstage, and is allowed only in the dressing rooms.
  • We make no guarantees to seat the audience on time when your audience is larger that you have predicted.
  • Your audience is your responsibility. Read the Facilities and Services agreement provided for your event. Clients of Bovard are responsible for any damage their audience causes to the Auditorium facilities.

Support Spaces

Bovard has two dressing rooms available, one on each side of the stage.

Dressing Room

  • Stage Right:
    • Capacity: 8 persons
    • Amenities: Hot and cold water, water fountain
  • Stage Left:
    • Capacity: 8 persons
    • Amenities: Hot and cold water

Video Projection


Panasonic PT-DW10000U

Panasonic PT-DW10000U

    • Bovard maintains a ceiling mounted Panasonic PT-DW10000U projector. The device is mounted in a fixed position under the first balcony at house center.
    • The image is projected on a motor controlled 40′ x 30′ screen mounted directly in front of the main stage curtain.

Screen Dimensions

    • Projection screen to front of projector: 61′
    • Screen Width from black to black: 24′
    • Screen Width from white to white: 23′ 8″
    • Screen Height to top of screen: 22′
    • Screen Height to bottom of teaser: 21′ 4″


The following locations have input jacks which can be connected to our projector:

    • Center Stage 6′ Upstage of Front Lip: VGA
    • Lighting Booth: VGA, Composite, S-Video, Component

Video Switchers

Bovard also employs an FSR CP 200 video switcher which allows us to chose between 8 different input sources.


The following outputs are available for use if you need to see your sources elsewhere:

    • Booth PC: Allows you to preview your input sources prior to getting to the projector
    • DVI Send on stage: An external monitor can be rented by an outside company to setup an external monitor that can show what is the current input source.
    • Projector: Shows the current selected source

Playback Devices

Windows XP PC/Mac Mini

Bovard maintains a windows based PC and Mac Mini in the lighting booth for use with our projector. They are capable of both audio playback and video projection, and supports the following applications:

Windows PC

    • Microsoft Powerpoint
    • Windows Media Player
    • Apple Quicktime
    • Firefox

Mac Mini

    • Microsoft Powerpoint
    • Keynote
    • QLab
    • Quicktime

Additional applications may be available, and in select cases additional applications may be installed with written permission from the Bovard Production Office.

Blu-Ray Player

Bovard has 1 Sony BDP-S350 Blu-Ray Player capable of playing Region 1 (US) Blu-Ray Discs and DVDs. Discs encoded for other regions will not play in this player, and any client wishin to play such a Disc will need to bring their own playback device.

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