The Ronald Tutor Campus Center is home to over twenty meeting and event spaces. From meeting rooms accommodating six people to a Grand Ballroom with seating for 800 people. The Ronald Tutor Campus Center (TCC) has something to satisfy all your event needs.

Reservation requests must be submitted AT LEAST 3 weeks in advance.

For more information, please contact the Ronald Tutor Campus Center (TCC) Office at or call (213) 764-4943.

Fall 2023 Hours:
Monday-Friday: 7AM-Midnight
Saturday/Sunday: 9AM-Midnight

Offices are open Monday-Friday from 9AM-5PM.

For day of assistance with your meeting or event currently in progress, please contact (213) 821-7822.

Front entrance and courtyard of the Ronald Tutor Campus Center

COVID-19: To notify the university of a positive case of COVID-19, please call 213-740-6291 or email

This form will allow you to request meeting room space at the Tutor Campus Center.  Requests must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to your meeting. Please note that all staffing requests must be submitted at least 4 weeks in advance.

USC’s Hospitality Department operates and manages reservation requests for the Trojan Grand Ballroom, Franklin Room Suite (TCC 350, 351 & 352) and Forum (TCC 450) at the Ronald Tutor Campus Center for USC Departments, Administrative Departments and Non University Client.  If you fall within these categories, please email the USC Hospitality directly at to submit your reservation request.


TCC Meeting Room Rates

TCC RoomStudent Organizations (Per Booking)USC Departments (Hourly)Non-USC Clients (Hourly)
TCC 221FreeFree$50
TCC 227Free$100$125
TCC 232Free$85$105
TCC 320AFree$85$105
TCC 320BFreeFree$50
TCC 320CFreeFree$50
TCC 350Free$75$125
TCC 351Free$75$125
TCC 352Free$75$125
TCC 350 + 351Free$150$300
TCC 351 + 352Free$150$300
TCC 350/351/352Free$200$400
TCC 432FreeFree$75
TCC 433FreeFree$50
TCC 434FreeFree$50
TCC 450Free$250$450

TCC Staffing Rates

Studying at TCC

The Campus Center is open until midnight every day and has a dedicated lounge as well as hallway seating on every floor for students to utilize. Students can also utilize the TCC International Plaza and all the food venues as other options for studying. In addition, the majority of the meeting rooms can be reserved as private study spaces using our Walk-In Request program.

If there are any issues with the rooms, please speak with the staff at the Front Desk inside the main lobby of the Campus Center or call (213) 821-7822.

The Ronald Tutor Campus Center has rooms available for Study On and Exam Days. See below building hours and rooms listed.

  • Hours
    • 12/2: 9am-11:30pm
    • 12/3: 9am-11:30pm
    • 12/4: 7am-11:30pm
    • 12/5: 7am-1:30am
    • 12/6: 7am-1:30am
    • 12/7: 7am-1:30am
    • 12/8: 7am-11:30pm
    • 12/9: 9am-11:30pm
    • 12/10: 9am-1:30am
    • 12/11: 7am-1:30am
    • 12/12: 7am-1:30am
    • 12/13: 7am-10pm
  • Rooms
    • TCC 221
    • TCC 227
    • TCC 232
    • TCC 320A
    • TCC 320B
    • TCC 320C
    • TCC 350/351/352
    • TCC 432
    • TCC 433
    • TCC 434
    • TCC 450
    • Trojan Generations Lounge (3rd Floor)
    • Graduate Student Lounge (4th Floor)

Tutor Campus Center