Department of Public Safety

Lt. Mark Cervenak
Approval required for all events. Key indicators for special security needs include but are not limited to, high profile performers or guests like celebrities, political dignitaries; events with alcohol; tickets or items sold at the event; special venue access needs; externally advertised events; crowd control; etc. Additional permits and fees may apply.

Department of Fire Safety
Approval required for all events. Key indicators for special fire safety approvals include but are not limited to, the building of stages, structures, large tents (over 400 sq ft); special effects; on site vehicle parking, vehicular access to venues prior to and after events; fencing; generators; inflatables; outdoor cooking/barbeques; large crowds/lines; etc. Additional permits and fees may apply.

Facilities & Planning Management (FPM)

Norman Antonini
Approval required for all events. Key indicators for required FMS approval and services include but are not limited to, outdoor events; electrical needs; custodial needs; landscaping needs; equipment (tables, chairs, trash cans, tents, etc.) rentals; irrigation requests; waste management support; diagram support; etc. Additional permits and fees may apply.

USC Hospitality

Lera Van Straatum
USC Hospitality and the University Club are the only on campus caterers. Both offer tax exemption savings on qualifying department events. Outside caterers are allowed in certain venues. This applies to food trucks who are being hired in the capacity of “caterer” as well. For information on engaging with outside caterers, please visit

USC Transportation

Pablo Sahagun
Approval required for all event with vehicles entering campus (vendors or patrons); street closures; parking lot rentals/access; personal vehicle permits; oversized vehicle permits; loading zone access; etc. Additional fees may apply. Please visit and submit your details to reserve regular parking. For oversized vehicle parking, please email Pablo Sahagun your request for details.

USC Bookstore/Auxiliary Services

Fabian Garcia
Approval required for any merchandise sales; use of USC trademarked or licensed materials.

Campus Filming Office

Torie Daves
Approval required for any filming required as part of an event (including footage for use on YouTube, Facebook, and other on line platforms). Additional permits are required for camera crews. Camera crews who are unable to show a permit at the time of filming will be required to leave. Professional filming companies will require additional insurance permits be submitted and on file with the Campus Filming Office. Additional fire and safety permits may be required for camera placement.

Cultural Relations and University Events (CRUE)

Adam Rosen
Approval required for events involving celebrities, political leaders and dignitaries.

USC Recreational Sports/Trojan Event Services

Cynthia Tucker
Lyon Center
Approval required for all events in recreational sports facilities.

USC Trojan Event Services (Outdoor Venues)

TCC 425

Approval required for all outdoor events involving amplified sound. This event approval application is a request for approval only. This application is not a request for space. All event planners must appropriately book space with venue managers and submit all required paperwork, permits and payments for the venue(s) in which the event is being held.

For more information about USC’s venues, venue manager contact information and the approval process, contact:
USC Trojan Event Services
TCC 425