Trousdale Quadrant 4 facing Taper Hall


  • Multiple sections can be reserved individually or all together
  • Can be reserved for vehicle parking
  • Quad. 3 is next to center campus
  • Proximity to Bovard Auditorium,Alumni Park, Founder’s Park, etc.

Special Considerations

  • All set up must be kept to the east side of Trousdale Parkway. The west side is a fire lane.
  • Trousdale Parkway does not include plazas. Pardee Plaza, Hahn Plaza and Herbert Plaza must all be rented separately.
  • Reservation requests must be submitted AT LEAST 6 weeks in advance.


  • Trojan Event Services (TES) can provide audio, lighting, and stage for limited outdoor venue spaces. Please indicate your desire for these services on your outdoor reservation request form.*
  • The TES stage cannot go on grass can be used in Founders Park, Pardee Plaza, McCarthy Quad, and Tommy Trojan/Hahn Plaza only.*
  • TES support for events such as audio, lighting, and staging is based on availability. A request can be made but not guaranteed.*

*Additional Fees Apply

This form will allow you to request selected outdoor locations as well as the Piazza, McClintock Lawn and The Great Lawn at the University Village. The form allows you to place a reservation request for outdoor venues over which Trojan Event Services has jurisdiction. An Outdoor Production Manager will be in contact with you regarding the status of your reservation request, cost, and paperwork details. Reservation requests must be submitted AT LEAST 6 weeks in advance. This applies to all outdoor locations requested through Trojan Event Services.


Trousdale Rates

LocationStudent Organizations Per Day RateUSC Departments Per Day RateNon-USC Clients Per Day Rate
AHF LawnFreeFree$1,450.00
Alumni ParkFreeFree$2,120.00
Argue PlazaFreeFree$2,120.00
Associates ParkFreeFree$1,450.00
Bogardus CourtyardFree Free$705.00
CAS LawnFreeFree$705.00
Crocker PlazaFreeFree$1,845.00
Dr. Medicine Crow Bldg. (Formerly VKC)FreeFree$620.00
EF Hutton ParkFreeFree$705.00
Founder's ParkFreeFree$1,450.00
Tommy Trojan/Hahn PlazaFreeFree$2,120.00
McCarthy QuadFreeFree$2,120.00
McClintock Lawn (University Village)FreeFree$1,450.00
Pardee PlazaFreeFree$2,120.00
PED Steps (Meyers Plaza)FreeFree$705.00
Piazza (University Village)FreeFree$2,120.00
Queen's CourtyardFreeFree$705.00
SOS LawnFreeFree$705.00
The Great Lawn (University Village)FreeFree$2,120.00
Trousdale ParkwayFreeFree$2,120.00