Bovard Auditorium

Bovard Auditorium, a 1,235 seat theater, has a rich and enduring history as a performance venue. The recent renovation of Bovard enhanced the audience experience by improving on the overall design of the space and theatrical systems upgrades. Celebrate Bovard with us and experience first hand world-class performers, improved acoustics, and comfort.

Bovard South Hall

The Bovard South Hall can be used as a green room, small reception, holiday party, pre- and/or post-event meet & greet. Your options are endless! The South Hall can be rented in addition to the Bovard Auditorium or separately. The South Hall can only be booked separately when the auditorium is not already booked or at the discretion of the Bovard Production office. Requests for the South Hall can be made up to three (3) months before your desired event date.

Bovard exterior with flag pole

Bovard Auditorium Features

  • Bovard Auditorium has a total capacity of 1,235. Bovard also has the following accommodations for wheelchair access:
    • Orchestra Level – 12 wheelchair spaces along with companion seats.
    • First Balcony – 2 wheelchair spaces along with companion seats.
  • These wheelchair companion seats are not included in the seat count below and will be released 10 minutes prior to show time.
  • Food can be served in the Bovard dressing rooms, Bovard South Lobby, the Bovard North & South Lawns only. No food backstage or in the Auditorium.
  • *Capacity may decrease based on the layout of the room.

Bovard South Hall Features

  • 1,360 square feet
  • Located on the 2nd Floor of the Bovard Auditorium with wheelchair access.
  • High vaulted ceilings and beautiful, natural hardwood floors.
  • The space does not include tables or chairs. You can rent them from a local rental company.
  • The space has a small kitchen with a sink and refrigerator. Cooking on-site is prohibited.
  • Capacity:
    • 188 – Standing reception
    • 70 – Sit down reception
  • *Capacity may decrease based on the layout of the room.

For more information, please contact Bovard's Production Office at or call (213) 740-2222. Offices are open Monday-Friday from 9AM-5PM.

Amenities and Equipment

  • 1,235 seat theater with built in stage
  • Screen and projector to come down from the ceiling
  • Stage Management, Audio Technicians, Lighting Technicians, House Manager and Event Ushers provided by Trojan Event Services
  • Podium with microphone
  • Two (2) Green Rooms. One stage left and another stage right
  • Venue usage include the Bovard walkway, North and South Lawns only
  • Restrooms inside Auditorium
  • Venue does not have a water fountain
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Back stage
  • Loading dock


If you would like to book Bovard Auditorium or if you have questions regarding rates, please read Bovard’s rental pricing below. The usage of Bovard Auditorium includes the venue rental and staffing fees. Bovard Auditorium is a revenue centered theater and is unable to reduce rates for fundraising events or non-profit organizations. The rental and staffing rates may change as needed for seasonal events.

Bovard Rates

NRD = Non-Refundable Deposit
CD = Cleaning and Damage Deposit

Bovard Auditorium

GroupHourly RateNRD DepositCD Deposit
USC Student Organization$140.00$300.00$1,000.00
USC Department$375.00$300.00$1,000.00
Non-USC Client$868.00$500.00$1,000.00

Bovard South Hall

GroupHourly Rate w/ Bovard RentalHourly Rate w/o Bovard RentalNRD DepositCD Deposit
USC Student Organization$95.00$140.00$100.00$300.00
USC Department$145.00$275.00$200.00$300.00
Non-USC Client$316.00$598.00$300.00$300.00

Bovard Staffing Rates

Rates and Payment

The use of Bovard Auditorium includes the venue rental and staffing fees. Each event is treated individually and assessed by the Bovard Supervisor. These rates serve only as a guide and are not absolute. (Prices are subject to change.) Staffing rates may incur overtime and double time rates.

*Additional Notes
The Bovard Production office may choose to add additional staff based on their experience with similar types of events.
Staffing rates may incur overtime and double time rates. The house staff rate is estimated at audience 502 or less for orchestra-level only. House rates double with each floor of occupancy added. Two floors (867 or fewer audience members) for an off campus organization would be $450.00/hour, 3 floors (1,235 or fewer audience members) would be $675.00/hour.

Bovard Auditorium Interior Photos

Bovard Exterior Photos

Bovard South Hall Photos

Bovard Dressing Rooms

Dressing Room Capacities

Dressing Room A*Dressing Room B**Star Dressing Room***
Holds up to 5 peopleHolds up to 5 people Holds up to 3 people

*Stage Right
**Stage Left
***Adjacent to Stage Left, upstairs on 2nd level

Bovard Production Office