Make a Reservation (Tommy’s Place & Traditions)

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This form will allow you to request Tommy’s Place for a music or theatrical performance. A venue production manger will be in contact with you regarding the status of your reservation request, cost, and paperwork details.  Reservation requests must be received at least 5 weeks in advance.  Before you submit this form please take a moment to visit the Tommy’s Place website, check venue availability and rental rates/staffing rates.  The rental rate and staff pricing may change for the needs of seasonal events. You may also need to fill out the Tommy’s Place Technical Rider if you have a band or multiple bands performing.

Note: The rates are subject to change based on the event details and/or upon submission of a Technical Rider. Trojan Event Services requires a minimum staffing for all band events.

Trojan Event Services requires a minimum of one (1) hour per band for band set-up and includes their sound check.

You can view the technical specifications for Tommy’s Place here.

Student Organization Co-Sponsorship

  • All student organization events require a TES Co-sponsorship Form to be completed as per Trojan Event Services policy. Please note the additional requirements of TES as included on the form.

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NOTE: Tommy ‘s Place does not provide water bottles. If you would like them for your talent, please request them from the production manager at least 2 weeks before your event. Cost is $2 per bottle.

If you would like to suggest an artist, band or DJ to the Tommy’s Place Production team please email

Fill out my online form.