Virtual EMS Reservation Procedure

We have temporarily suspended the ability to reserve spaces via Virtual EMS. All reservation requests for our Outdoor spaces must be done through the Outdoor reservation request form. 
COVID-19 Update (March 29, 2022): Please refer to the most recent University Event COVID Guidelines. 
To access Virtual EMS to reserve the below listed outdoor venues, you must have a user name and password. Please check here to sign up for Virtual EMS access. In the email, list your first and last name, name of student organization or department, email address and daytime phone number. For students, please provide your cell phone number. The subject line should read: “Request for Virtual EMS.”
Use Virtual EMS to reserve these locations:
  • Associates Park
  • Bogardus Courtyard
  • Center for International and Public Affairs (formerly VKC Courtyard)
  • Crocker Plaza
  • Pardee Plaza
  • PED Steps (Meyer Plaza)
Below you will find links to YouTube videos detailing the Virtual EMS venue reservation process. Please take a moment to review them.


“How to Request Venues using USC’s Virtual EMS”


Note: E.F. Hutton Park can no longer be reserved through Virtual EMS. Please click here to reserve E.F


“How to Cancel or Change a Venue Request Using USC’s Virtual EMS”