Rental Info & Policies

If you would like to book Bovard Auditorium or if you have questions regarding rates and timetables, please read Bovard’s rental policies below. The usage of Bovard Auditorium includes the venue rental and staffing fees. Bovard Auditorium is a revenue centered theater and is unable to reduce rates for fundraising events or non-profit organizations. The rental and staffing rates may change as needed for seasonal events.

Note: As of July 2018, our venue and staffing rates have changed. Please view our new rates. 

8/20/15 Los Angeles, CA USC Fall New Student Convocation Photo by: Steve Cohn © 2015 (310) 277-2054

Bovard Reservation Policies

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The goal of Bovard Auditorium is to aid all our clients in planning and producing successful events. The following policies and regulations are provided to reach that goal. Please read these policies before filling out the Reservation Request Form.

Bovard General Reservation Guidelines

  • Reservations are accepted through the online reservation form and at the Bovard Auditorium Production Office (ADM-200B). Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis for Bovard Auditorium.
  • When can I start booking for my event? Please view the FAQ Page on this website to view our booking window.
  • The client will be notified by email regarding confirmation or denial of the reservation request.
  • If the event is scheduled, the Bovard Production Office will email and/or call the client to discuss the details and payment for the event.
  • Reservations must be made at least 25 business days in advance. NO ADVERTISING CAN BE DONE BEFORE WRITTEN CONFIRMATION FROM THE PRODUCTION OFFICE IS RECEIVED. In addition, advertising may not indicate that the University of Southern California is sponsoring the event without the express written consent of Bovard Auditorium.

Bovard Facility Fee Schedule

  • In order to secure your reservation a $300 (for On Campus Groups and Departments) and a $500 (for Off Campus Groups) non-refundable deposit in the form of a cashier’s check, money order, Internal Requisition, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) is required within five (5) business days of the acceptance of your reservation request. No cash accepted for venue deposits.
  • A cleaning and damage deposit in the form of a cashier’s check, money order, Internal Requisition, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) for $1,000.00 is due fifteen (15) business days prior to your event. No cash accepted for cleaning and damage deposits.
  • Rental and staffing fees will be determined by the nature of the event.
  • Staffing rates may incur overtime and double time rates.
  • Mandatory fees include Bovard Production Manager assessed set-up and clean-up time (labor and building rental).
  • All fees must be paid by internal requisition, cashier’s check, money order, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) fifteen (15) business days before the event. No cash accepted over $50.00.
  • An Event Status Report (ESR) signed by a representative of Bovard Auditorium and the client must be on file in the Bovard Auditorium Production Office no later than fifteen (15) business days prior to the event.
  • FUNDRAISERS and NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: Bovard Auditorium is a revenue-centered facility. Your rates cannot be reduced.

Bovard Cleaning And Damage Deposit

  • A cleaning & damage deposit is required for all events. The client assumes responsibility for the behavior of the audience and participants during their program as well as the responsibility, through their own efforts or through a financial obligation to Bovard, to return the facility to its pre-event state and condition after the event.
  • Damage deposits above the established base are based on the nature of an event as well as on Bovard’s experiences with the client’s previous events. The client will be asked to complete a “Facility Checklist” with a Bovard employee prior to and following the event. Return of all or a portion of the cleaning & damage deposit will be based on the information provided on this form.
  • DEPARTING: All equipment (rental or otherwise) props, signs, clothing, handouts, boxes, etc. from your event must be vacated from the facility at the end of your event unless otherwise arranged in writing with a Bovard Production Manager before you arrive on the premises.
  • We accept no responsibility for any equipment left on the premises before, during or after your event.
  • Following your event, please contact your Bovard Production manager in regards to receiving your deposit. After 30 days of your event date, the cleaning & damage deposit is forfeited.
  • Please follow-up with the Production Manager within 7-10 business days after your event to assess the returned amount of the cleaning & damage deposit for your event.

Bovard Cancellation/”No Show” Policy

  • If a reservation is cancelled more than 15 business days prior to the event, provided Bovard or USC has not incurred expenses reasonably required to provide the requested facilities or other services, any pre-paid fees (except the nonrefundable deposit) will be refunded. If a reservation is cancelled within 15 business days of the event, rental fees will be assessed. If a reservation is canceled within 10 business days of the event, rental and 50% of staffing fees will not be refunded. If a reservation is canceled within 5 business days of the event, all fees will be withheld.
  • If the reservation is not canceled but the event is not held, all fees and deposits will be withheld.
  • Reservation changes or cancellations must be made in writing by the same individual who initiated the original request. Please see payment timetable regarding specific deadlines.


Additional Services And Approvals

Many events require the services or approval of other departments such as the Facilities Management Services (FMS), Bookstore, Hospitality Services, Parking, Department of Public Safety and Ticket Office. If an event falls into this category, the client must return the Service Approval Form indicating compliance with the appropriate department’s policies and procedures at the time payment is made. Additional fees may be assessed, or requirements applied, by these other departments based on the event’s particular needs. At any time prior to the event, even after the client has received a reservation confirmation from Bovard, if University departments deem additional services are necessary for the event the client must comply with those requirements or the event will be cancelled.

Bovard Payment Timeline

Within 5 days of acceptance of your request
– Nonrefundable deposit in the form of cashier’s check or credit card is due
– On-Campus Student Group: $300
– On-Campus Department: $300
– Off-Campus organization: $500

At least 4 weeks prior to event
– Scheduled with Production Office
– Questionnaire completed and turned in to Bovard Production Office.

3 weeks prior
– Payment of Rental and Staffing Fees & Separate $1,000 Cleaning & Damage Deposit.
– Facility and Services Agreement Signed and returned.
– All approvals must be obtained.

Within 3 weeks
– Cancellation results in loss of 100% of Rental fee.
– Changes incur 10% surcharge on each change.
– Late fees applied at a rate of 5%/day.

Within 2 weeks
– Cancellation results in loss of 100% of Rental fee and 510% of staffing fees.
– Changes incur 20% surcharge on each change.

Within 1 week
– Cancellation results in loss of all fees.
– Changes incur 25% surcharge on each change.

Bovard Auditorium Late Departure Agreement

Any event going over the contracted time is billed to the client. This charge is one and one half times the regular employee staffing rate and one and one half times the hourly building rental fee. Your ability to run late will also depend on the availability of the facility.