There are many different ways you can advertise your event on campus. For complete Advertising, Promotion and Literature Distribution Policies please visit SCampus.

Campus Center and Student Union Digital Signage

Digital signage managed by the Ronald Tutor Campus Center serves as a visual communication medium to inform students, faculty, staff, and visitors about events. This service offers the opportunity for officially recognized campus organizations and university departments to publicize events or broadcast announcements that are of student interest or student-oriented in nature.

Digital Signage Submission Form


Fliers can be posted on any one of four approved posting kiosks. These are the only approved locations for posting.

  • Kiosk 1 – Located directly south of the Norris Dental Science Center (DEN)
  • Kiosk 2 – Located in Herbert Plaza to the east of the JEP House (JEP)
  • Kiosk 3 – Located on Bloom Walk directly north of Harris Hall (HAR)
  • Kiosk 4 – Located on the walkway between Bloom Walk and Archimedes Plaza (OHE)

Posting is strictly prohibitied on all landscaping, the ground, on buildings or windows, statues, trash cans, light poles, phone booths, parking structures, parked cars, bicycles or other individual property, on top of previously posted materials, fountains, etc. Free standing signs and sandwich boards are not permitted. Chalking is not permitted. Groups posting in unapproved locations will be fined $1 per flier. For more information, please see SCampus.

Literature Distribution

USC individuals or groups up to five people are permitted to be on campus distributing literature without prior approval provided that such distribution does not affect the scheduled activities in that area and does not interfere with the essential operations of the university. Groups and individuals are not permitted to set up their own tables on campus. Off campus individuals or groups wishing to come to campus to distribute literature must email Trojan Event Services and be approved prior to coming to campus. Off campus organizations must check in and obtain approval from Trojan Event Services prior to any literature distribution on campus.

Groups and individuals are not permitted to set up their own tables on campus.