Video Projection


Panasonic PT-DW10000U

Panasonic PT-DW10000U
Bovard maintains a ceiling mounted Panasonic PT-DW10000U projector. The device is mounted in a fixed position under the first balcony at house center.

The image is projected on a motor controlled 40′ x 30′ screen mounted directly in front of the main stage curtain.

Screen Dimensions

Projection screen to front of projector: 61′

Screen Width from black to black: 24′
Screen Width from white to white: 23′ 8″

Screen Height to top of screen: 22′
Screen Height to bottom of teaser: 21′ 4″


The following locations have input jacks which can be connected to our projector:

  • Center Stage 6′ Upstage of Front Lip: VGA
  • Lighting Booth: VGA, Composite, S-Video, Component

Video Switchers

Bovard also employs an FSR CP 200 video switcher which allows us to chose between 8 different input sources.


The following outputs are available for use if you need to see your sources elsewhere:

  • Booth PC: Allows you to preview your input sources prior to getting to the projector
  • DVI Send on stage: An external monitor can be rented by an outside company to setup an external monitor that can show what is the current input source.
  • Projector: Shows the current selected source

Playback Devices

Windows XP PC/Mac Mini

Bovard maintains a windows based PC and Mac Mini in the lighting booth for use with our projector. They are capable of both audio playback and video projection, and supports the following applications:

Windows PC

  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Windows Media Player
  • Apple Quicktime
  • Firefox

Mac Mini

  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Keynote
  • QLab
  • Quicktime

Additional applications may be available, and in select cases additional applications may be installed with written permission from the Bovard Production Office.

Blu-Ray Player

Bovard has 1 Sony BDP-S350 Blu-Ray Player capable of playing Region 1 (US) Blu-Ray Discs and DVDs. Discs encoded for other regions will not play in this player, and any client wishin to play such a Disc will need to bring their own playback device.